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Thread: A few Ideas.

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    A few Ideas.

    okay first off, this is by far the most impressive mod Ive every played for ut2k4. However we all got ideas and here are mine.

    1) Mines: instead of making a huge wall of fire, I would like to see Claymore like mines, that fire in a certain direction over a certain distance. Perhaps we could even have 2 different types. both the traditional fire walls and claymores.

    2) more advanced leveling system, such as the ability to carry more clips per weapon or to perhaps purchase something like akimbo pistols as a choosable weapon for you character.

    3) a primary ammo sachel, instead of carying ammo for the entire team, you should also be able to just carry more primary ammo for your self. IE: an auto gunner would be able to cary his weapon and 4 clips. Instead of carying his weapon 1 clip and being able to DROP and PICK Up anoter from his ammo bag

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    May 2004
    I think 3. would encourage less teamwork, as the Autogunners would get even more ammo, which would in the end make the even more dominant. The way ammopacks work atm is fine imo

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    May 2004
    Claymore mines would be pretty useless i think. Just imagine this...
    You are defending the lz until your dropship arrives and aliens are coming from the north and south. You tell your team to move north as you are about to make the south area very... dangerous. You then place a claymore. 3 aliens are killed and then 5 more run past and kill you.

    Fire mines in my mind are like mini sentries that can be used 8 times. They may not seal off an area as long as a sentry gun, but they can be reused.

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