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Thread: models/sounds in the game..

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    models/sounds in the game..

    most of the players models in the game are normal 2k4 models ? just a bit reskinned ? ... and one of my friends noticed that while one of the players, who are white in the portraits , are actually african american when watchin in first person view , just thought id share

    music is from 2k4 but it still kicks ass, great game altogether..
    and i guess you guys didnt bother makin new models since its barely noticable from top down .. well im done ranting now so keep up the great work with a great mod

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    Jan 2003
    Oh.. This was a rant?

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    Mar 2003
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    There's quite a bit of custom made music, not to mention soundeffects and voice acting.

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    yeah , i must just merely stating that i noticed that the charcters were normal 2k4 models

    will they ever be re-modeled tho ? cuz their pictures are really different

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    Jan 2003
    Jan 2003
    They also hold akimbo pistols in the extremely goofy way that the normal UT2k4 people hold akimbo assault rifles.

    Not that it matters, of course. Whatever kills the bugs better!

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    lol yeah , not that it matters of course

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