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Thread: DUDES how do i post my maps

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    DUDES how do i post my maps

    I got Cleansweep 45% complete just like u to see it. IT IS ALPHA SO DONT GIVE ME CRap abt it.

    Thxz for the help abt the aliens swarm now i go alot of aliens

    and after the second room in goes into and little area of living so its so to be complete. then i might try complete AO-ThePass or maybe DownofExtinction dont know yet

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    Jun 2004
    United Kingdom
    You need to find a webhost, upload it there then place a link to it. I don't really see the point of posting an alpha if you 'don't want crap about it' though.

    Here is a thread you may find useful.

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    thxz dude i fix the crap part the eggs were floating in the air

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