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Thread: Problem w/ dedicated Linux server and standalone maps.

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    Jul 2004

    Problem w/ dedicated Linux server and standalone maps.


    I have a linux server which run fine with the official campaign, but every time we want to play a standalone map downloaded from here, we end up in a deathmatch (UT2004 style) in the said alien swarm map...

    VERY strange to look at them from a FPS perspective....

    Has anyone encountered a similar situation ? Any suggestions are welcome !

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    May 2002
    Sounds like the maps haven't set their default gametype properly. You can use the admin command: "Admin ServerTravel Ao-MapName?game=AoPrototype.AoGameInfo" to start it with the correct gametype.

    Which maps have this problem?

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    Are you changing the map by using a console command or by using the Mapvote in F1 menu?

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