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Thread: Speed Hack Problem

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    Question Speed Hack Problem

    Hi, I am new to Alien Swarm played it twice So far and like it
    Reminds me of Games Workshop's Space Marines amongst other things

    Anyway I have just reinstalled my machine and one of the first things I did was install UT2004 and then this mod and then the patch 1.1
    Wanted to kill some time.

    Every so often I keep getting stuck and i get the message
    "Speed Hack"... something or other?
    Just to point out the obvious I am not using any kind of hack.

    And my ping seems to fluctuate between about 20 and 500? whats with that? I have a Bonded ADSL Connection 2x512k Down 2x256k Up
    and I normaly get very good pings. (Nildrams MultiLink PPP)

    I have tryed playing on two difrent local servers?

    The Red Duke

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    Its a lag issue. I get it on my LAN server sometimes
    If it isn't happening real often, ignore it. If it is, check your network settings in UT, they might be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Red Duke
    And my ping seems to fluctuate
    My ping fluctuates about 5 times per second, and only on servers. They are the only servers I get "speed hack detected" on. I lag on them even though they are the servers that ping best for me, I just don't understand it.

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