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    I'm seeing a huge number of N/A servers.


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    May 2004
    I think thatís what happens when a firewall isnít correctly configured for hosting online games. The only thing that gets through is the serverinfo messages to the masterserver. Also, if you see people playing on N/A servers, or see the same server never working, they are probably LAN games that havenít disabled the advertising function. I could be way wrong about this but I recall overhearing something like that, and it makes sense to me. It's kind of silly that these servers are enlisted by default though...

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    Jun 2004
    I think servers that ping out show as N/A as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carth
    I think servers that ping out show as N/A as well?
    PING NOT AVAIBLE might sound like ping out(="PING NOT AVAIBLE DO TO HIGH PING OR TOO MANY NUMBERS") might have something to do with it... Its the game engine that dosnt want more then 3-4 numbers on the ping list, and its quite stupid to ping a server what has over 10k of ping...

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    Aug 2004
    Hello. I tried to host an internet server on WinXP and got the help to open up all ports needed on my firewall but I still get N/A and no one can connect. Anyone know what I can do ?

    Ports open:
    7777 UDP/IP Game Port
    7778 UDP/IP Query Port
    7787 UDP/IP GameSpy uplink
    28902 TCP/IP Master Server uplink

    edit > Sorry for posting here by the way

    edit2 > I just tried turning off the firewall and I still experience the same problem.

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    Jul 2004
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    i do not know how to help and, don't mean to sound harsh, you will probably get better answers by making a new thread in the tech help section.

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    Jun 2004
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    The N/A thing may also happen when the server "blocks" incoming pings from outside (possibly doing lan game but using IP address for the "join" or they got firewall up as well...)
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