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Thread: So how about some new information then?

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    So how about some new information then?

    It's been a while since this was new gametype idea was announced. Any chance of some new infromation on how the conept will work, particularly for those wanting to make custom maps?


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    aye i agree, since i last visited a few months ago aint been much (ANY!) news at all, i know the dev team is busy workin on the game (which is good), but maybe yee can disclose a bit of info to stirr up the forums a bit, get the taffers talkin, cause the post i made about 2-3 months ago here is still near the top!!!


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    I'm sure the dev's are hard at work, think, they just had a mod released, they need to keep the work on that mod so people still like it, that means updating, new missions, etc.

    Night-Blade will come in time, so for now lets play some Archasis and Dark Territory! (2 medieval mods that have bows and items and caltrops and other stuff like dat)

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    As said before there are two separate teams working on the two mods. Work is progressing, fear not!

    I'm sure a full news post will come soon, check the developer journals on the NightBlade site for the latest news.

    As for mapping etc, I'm sure most level designs will be adaptable. Just make sure there are three distinct areas for each team. Details can be added in later.
    There will probably be another mapping pack closer to release with updated meshes etc., I don't know, I won't be making it. However, using Thief and TUT levels for inspiration shouldn't see you too wrong as the architecture should match reasonably well.

    Or, you could just wait for Orgy to finish his complete mapping guide, which would be the best option.
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