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Thread: Uninstalling ThieveryUT?

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    Uninstalling ThieveryUT? General Chat, i hope it's okay to post this here.

    Anyways, i was wondering how do i go about removing TheiveryUT from my my UT install. I know to delete the TheiveryUT folder, but i'm not sure what all was put in my System folder (1.4 install, plus brodys map packs 3.0 and 3.1)

    Any help is very much appreciated, thanks.

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    Mar 2005
    why do you want to uninstall such a great mod?
    i think there's no de-install-proggy for TUT, so just remove all files which start with "th"

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    Jan 2003
    You know that voice in your head? Well...
    A blanket " Delete th*.*" could be dangerous- me thinks UT has several files beginning with "th."

    Delete the folder "Thievery" in your UT directory. This will clean out the bulk of it. If you only need to clean out space, you can stop with that.

    If you want everything gone, there ar e few files in the system folder. These files are small, and do not affect UT. They simply take up space without the Thievery folder. The files I know of are of the form:

    There might be more, but these are the ones I know of off hand.
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    Jan 2003
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    Also there's the run thievery server bathc files. don't forget those!

    Most of the files wil be self-explanatory when you find them, actually. Still though, take no chances with it. if you do't kow for sure, jsut let them be.
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    Jan 2003
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    This is obviously a rage thread, nobody in their right mind would want to UNinstall Thievery.

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    Why does everyone think you dislike a mod just because you uninstall it? The reason i'm uninstalling it is because my hard drive is pretty small and i need more space (till i get a new HDD). I find nothing wrong with the mod itself it's a great mod. I figured out how to uninstall it. I just ran the installer again, but installed it in a remote directory, then i just compared the files and deleted the one's used by ThieveryUT.

    Thanks everyone!

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    For my Mappacks you wont be think about any Files in SYSTEM Folder.
    The Mappackage is an Installer Program, yes, but i configured it to do nothing else but copy Files to theses Folders:

    The doin of my Mappackage is just a copy Command. Due the Fact the Program is originally an Installer you find "Th-Mappack x.x" in your "Software" Tab where you can uninstall. But it will do nothing when you click on it. It just get droped from the Softwarelist.

    This Function is switched off. So you can click easy on it to drop it from the List. As you see on the List above, all Files from Mappackage are Files for UT/Subfolders and Thievery/Subfolders. Should you uninstall them, my Mappackage is automatically deleted.
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