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Thread: Firefox on steroids

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    Firefox on steroids

    For those of you using the firefox browser, I found a helpful article that shows you how to speed up d/l time of webpages in firefox. It worked for me, maybe it will for you too.


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    Jan 2003
    Note that neither change is recommended -- the official comment on pipelining is "Things may break -- use with caution". If it really improved performance with no consequence, it would be enabled by default.
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    Ok. use with caution. All I know is I tried it and it worked for me.
    Pages load 2-3 times faster now. Nothing broke.

    Edit: after doing a little more research on this it is only recommended if
    you have a fast broadband connection, also not for anyone behind a proxie server (such as AOL), 56k, forget it.

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    Jan 2003
    Poor servers.

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