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Thread: New Linux Install

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    New Linux Install

    Hi there.

    Never tried Alien Swarm [or UT2004], but always wanted to. So I have several questions, since I'm down this road to host a server for my CS mates.

    1. The lastest patch version 3355 for UT2004. Is it OK to apply it to the UT server for Linux? Or shall I stick with 3204 [as described]. Noticed some important bugfixes.
    2. I've seen the AS movie, is it really that fun playing cooperative? I'm asking because we have to buy UT2004 and just wondering if it's worthin' the effort.

    I have a lot of experience with Linux servers [CS, Quake, emulators] for several years, so I guess installing the server it won't be a problem.

    Just want to see some opinions from the guys who have played Alien Swarm [I guess]. Seems like a great game.

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    1) Not sure.

    2) Yes! The key point of playing Swarm is the Co-Op. It's not much fun just playing campaigns by yourself. In a good team of players, you can have an excellent time. As long as they aren't all newbs using shotguns/flamers (these are what the "better" players would call "newb unfriendly") you're set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr 9mm
    I've seen the AS movie, is it really that fun playing cooperative?
    It's actually even more fun You should definitely try it out with your mates.
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    1) Yes.

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