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    Mapping resources

    Since I'm getting ready to throw some maps together and dive into UnreadEd I thought it might be nice to have some mapping resources handy. Would it be possible for those in the know to list the mapping tutorials/tools/whatevers in this thread and have it stickied for any mapping noobs who come along and want to have a go? Just a thought! Thanks.

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    Unreal Wiki has lots of information about the Unreal Engine in general as well as details about mapping.

    And here are the mapping docs put out by Black Cat Games themselves.

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    Additionally, there are great links and some ASw specific tips in the Unnoficial Alien Swarm FAQ, so I suggest browsing that.

    I'll highlight a couple of the sites that I know of: - read these tips as soon as you got your feet wet in UED. - has tons of video lessons in UED & 3d Apps. Searching their and the Atari forums forums is quite helpful as well.

    Good luck!

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