Hi all. I love Thunderbird's email filters, allowing me to automatically put office memos in the "junk" folder and emails pertaining to specific projects into another folder. But there are exceptions to every rule.

Firefox filters work on the AND or OR principles. Keep adding constraints and you can make the filter more robust.

But what about NOT? For instance, I'm filtering memos from admin by looking for my contracting company ("@company.com"), but my direct supervisor is also "@company.com", so I'd like to make this an exception. I can't figure out how. Also, suppose I want a mixture of AND and OR? (I'm programming in SQL and am used to this logic flexibility )

Is there a Thunderbird plugin that expands the capabilities of it's filtering? I did a quick search and didn't see anything. Anyone else have this trouble and found a workaround?

Also, I'd like to run message filters not on incoming mail going to the Inbox, but on other folders as well, such as my Sent box. I've developed a filter that identifies personal email I send to my friends and dumps them in a "Personal Sent" folder. But by default, all filters seem to run on the Inbox only, not on a folder I can specify. "Run selected filter(s) on: [folder]" is an attribute of the Message Filters dialog, not the filters themselves. Anyone have a solution or workaround?