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Thread: New Idea: Carrying Torches

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    Feb 2003
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    This clearly would not be timely for 1.3, but maybe later...

    What if guards could take a torch from the wall and carry it. The torch would not burn out normally and would functionally be an everlasting flare. If it does go out, it disappears from the map. Carried torches can be put out by:
    - the guard running
    - the guard's demise
    - being thrown or dropped (?? optional -- unless another guard catches it ??)
    - water arrows or other water

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    No, sorry.

    All maps have a certain balance of light in for each area: this is set so that thieves have a definite chance of getting near objectives due to shadows & guards have to be especially vigilant in dark areas.

    This would throw the balance of the map too much towards guards, although making the torches permanently disappear would throw the balance the other way.

    For now, flares will more than suffice.

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    Jan 2003
    It's been too long. I'm gone now.
    Nah, we already have flares.

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    Jan 2003
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    Don't lose hope, Abrahamster...its a map thing, not a TUT thing. Portable lights aren't that hard to make. If a mapper see's opportunity to put a lantern/torch in a map, it may happen. Just don't hold your breath for it.


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