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Thread: Need help on typing in mutator console commands

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    Need help on typing in mutator console commands

    I know how to pull down the console and I'm pretty sure I put all the mutators in the right place but I can't seem to get them to work. Can you guys look at the command lines I type in and tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

    I'll type in "open Ao-research?mutator="MutMoreMarines.class" and it will open up Research but without the mutator.

    I'll try to use the Custom Campaign mutator and type in "open Ao-Research?Mutator=AoCustCamp140.MutCustomCampaign. " on the console but that either launches Research without the mutator or it brings me back to the opening option screen (with join multiplayer, single player, create multiplayer,etc).

    Also the only ASw console command that I've gotten to work is "marineinvun". I've tried "crawlerpls" and "parasitepls" but nothing ever happens....

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    Togglecam is another to try

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    do you mean typing togglecam into the console?

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    Togglecam will give your first person view.

    After you enter the command for the custom campaign mutator, try pressing F1 and call a vote for a new custom campaign.

    For 8 marines mutator, you'll need to type mutate maxMarines (it's case sensitive, I think) during the briefing screen after you select 4 marines, but I don't think the command you're using to activate the mutator is wrong
    Try this instead:"open AO-Rescue?mutator=ISL.MutMoreMarines"
    I think it's case sensitive too.

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