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Thread: TeS Upgrade

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    Jun 2004

    TeS Upgrade

    The Telic Server (TeS) has been upgraded to a new Amd64 machine and has a new ip address:

     [TeS] Telic Server   ip: port:30500
    Unfortunately, a few things seem to have broken with the update, like the ability of the server to do the master-server uplink, so you will need to open the ip manually or add the ip to your favourites tab in order to see the new server.

    I'll see if I can find a solution for that in due time, but until then it will just be a more private place I suppose.. it is running with the same configuration as before and hopefully the upgrade will mean that the game runs smoother.

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    Nah, dont worry about it! Append to my server sometimes when i shut it down or reboot the comp... For an unknow reason, the server stop update to master server list, event if the console tell me something else... Just connect to it and vote another map. Its gonna be ok. Anyway, TeS is ok actually:


    But its great to see an upgrade on TeS, its a good server! Good luck with the new stuff!

    Btw, THN #1 dont show up anymore, but i can still see it in my favorites... Pest! Reboot it!
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    THN always drops out somehow, i'll reboot it -again-.

    Maybe it should reboot daily.

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