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Thread: Tutorial help

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    Tutorial help

    Just started playing Alien Swam and having technical problem with tutorial. As I'm going through it I keep getting instructions related to white circles, e.g put sentry gun near white circle, stand marines on white circles and face direction. Problem is I can't see any white circles on the screen. I've tried changing my graphic settings from lowest to highest and still don't see them. I had the same problem a while ago but thought updating to v1.3 might help (it hasn't).

    Anyway, after all that, any help is apprciated...Thanks


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    As far as i know you need dynamic lights, or projectors on.'s safer here.

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    most likely be projectors, check that they are turned on and stuffage

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    I thought they are turned on by default since the 1.1 patch! You must have disabled them after it installed
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    I just checked 1.3 Default.ini, it forces dynamic lights AND projectors on. You must've indeed disabled them manually, or there's some other wierdness.

    They're not very relevant to framerates so i can't recommend turning either off unless you're trying to play swarm on a 1998 NVidia Riva TNT, which is possible, but not recommended.

    If you want some extra FPS, start by reducing physics, world and model detail, disable weather effects and foilage, trilinear filtering, decals, shadows (blob will do). Reduction in texture detail is optional if you have a slow graphics card.
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    Also make sure that if you're running the game on Linux that you patch it to the latest version, some of the early versions had a problem with projectors (and dynamic light) if I recall correctly.

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