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Thread: Official Map Updates

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    Ah, in the map screenshot field (probably in the levelinfo? I don't remember...) does it list the screenshot source as mylevel.something? Sounds to me like it may be listing the actual mapname instead of mylevel...
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    It says Mylevel.Screenshot

    Edit: The Breakout v 3 is normally finished, currently we're planning to play with some other maps, if we are allowed to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FatRatHead View Post
    currently we're planning to play with some other maps, if we are allowed to.
    bwahaha, thieves dont ask permission!
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    what do thieves have to do with you ? jk

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    To update this topic, there have been many map updates and map update attempts going on lately. The (mostly polish due to others having prejudice) community set out to test many of these maps and I can state that at least skeltston head works out very well. So far, we weren't able to assess it in more competitive circumstances, though it'd be a great thing to do.

    Let me describe it in a greater detail.

    Keg, while at his activity peak, was probably the most universal, influential and active player, with a massive amount of potential to contribute to the game and community. However his period hit a blindspot in the older community members and developers activity.

    He among others, started to fix certain map problems that were known and present. In my opinion he got the farthest with skeltstonhead. The aim was to retain the original idea and gameplay of the map. That is to say that there's been a small alteration in the area around the church, which may influence the gameplay (negatively in my opinion as it creates another sneaky route for Thieves).


    *wooden crates make wooden noise
    *carpets ARE carpets
    * loot distribution although same, may have been made slightly less accessible (moved one silver stack into locked chest in western dockhouse)
    *Map in a separate, so far unpeekable, container
    *A small easter egg that can earn you 1 bolt/arrow (to reach it, on the other hand costs one too)
    *fixed miscellaneous bugs around the map (although there may be one remaining-I'll discuss this later with people aware)
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    Quote Originally Posted by FatRatHead View Post
    He among others, started to fix certain map problems that were known and present.
    I see. Now I know why he left.

    Safe-Lean-Bug is also fixed. Tested it with some maps and it works nicely.

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    Aww and it's such a nice thread to bump and update...

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    So far, how's the word on official map updates? It's an irony that this thread doesn't seem to deal very much with official map updates...

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