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Thread: How can I do campaigns?

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    Question How can I do campaigns?

    I’m thinking about making an Alien Swarm campaign but I really don’t know how. I know how to map in the Unreal Editor I just need to know how to connect the levels together sort like the campaigns that comes with the mod. So can anyone help me by giving me a link to a possible tutorial on this or a program that could do this? Thanks in advance!
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    Connecting the maps together is the simple part, the custom campaign mutator does most of the work. I can't seem to find the guide for it right now, but if you can come up with the maps, I'm sure someone can help you with the campaign bit.
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    "Creating your own campaign involves subclassing the AoCCampaignInfo class in AoCustCamp.u, and filling in the defaultproperties and making link lines for the lobby map. Feel free to extract the source and examine how it's done. And remember that you need an file to accompany your MyCampaign.u file."

    Taken from the Custom Campaign Mutator v1.5b Readme. Which you can actually download by clicking Big_D's signature and there is a link on the page for it

    I am not sure if that answers your question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BiG_D View Post
    I can't seem to find the guide for it right now...
    Let me know if you find it! o/
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