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Thread: most camps lack in story :O

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    most camps lack in story :O

    hey all..

    i just noticed that most non bcg made campaigns lack in story... i really enjoyed all the small terminals and pds lying around in ortega.. telling you the story of its owner... what they were doing, found suspecious... or how they defended themself when the swarm broke loose.

    kinda miss these things in other camps.. :| (ok .. i certainly wont read it when playing multiplayer, but i really enjoyed it when i played the camp in sp)

    usually i play through all camps in sp first to get all the story parts and explore a bit.

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    I think Telic and Escape From Rhea have various little story thingies scattered around. I know there's several in Beggar's Point alone, though I haven't taken the time to stop and read them.

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    My polls and randomized double-blind studies revealed that 98% of all test subjects either don't notice at all or simply don't give a fuck about it. That kinda dampens a developers ambition to elaborate on such details.

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    Well in multiplayer, it's pretty hard to pause and read a paragraph of text, even if it is in a safe area. The group will keep on running and leave you behind. I haven't played SP for some time now, except for speedruns or rambos or attempts and speedruns or rambos. During those you don't exactly want to pause and read everything.

    I did read most of the things in Ortega though. And someday I will read all of the ones in Paracelsus. Someday.

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    The solution: System Shock 2-style audio PDAs that can play as you go!

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    But how do you distribute them among your annoying but helpful team members?
    Blow me Away. A good song.

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    I read them all in single player while wildcat covered me (I read relatively slow, but I remember most everything I read very well).

    I think telic/efr have great stories, you just need to read the background online and have time to explore and read =)

    I haven't played much other than otr/sigma/efr/telic so idk about the rest

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