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Thread: Linux sound problems

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    Jan 2007

    Linux sound problems


    I have just done a new install on Ubuntu Feisty and added the patch (to UT and AS).

    When i first installed AS i had trouble getting it working (permissions?) but eventually got the game to start (and sound was working) -
    the game then locked up when going into an actual game (i think it was, don't ask me why, the key/mouse commands weren't set up) - i sorted this and changed a few more permissions to hopefully make most all files available/executable but now when i start the game works but i don't get any sound

    I think i am running ALSA sound - oh, the sound works fine in UT2004 itself



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    Jan 2007
    goddammit - its working now

    sometime i hate linux

    sorry for this unnecessary post - please delete



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    Jan 2003
    I'm not going to delete your thread. Would be better if you could post whatever you did to fix it so it benefits other people in the future.

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    You sorted out your alsa problems in 5 mins. That's a record

    Unless it was the no 1 problem of reset sound levels!

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