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Old 1st Aug 2015, 02:29 PM   #1
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New game that Thievery-fans will like?!

Hi all, been a while!

Well, I came across a game on steam that looked it would suit Thievery players alot! Im sure gonna buy it and try it out some day, its just in early acess now and you can get it on steam!

Its called Dead Realm! Its a horror game and the gameplay is a stealthy kind of hiding seek game with "Ghost(s) vs. Humans" and it seems that plenty ideas from that game is taken from Thief/Thievery. The "seek & reap" mod is that one start out beeing the ghost trying to catch and kill the other humans (lets say we're playing 4 players) the humans that get "reaped" will be a ghost aswell next round, so if the ghost kills 2 other humans, the round after will be one lonely human vs. 3 ghost (I believe) !!! You also have some sort of spells that blocks off the ghost if he's chasing you, check the stream at the bottom for some actuall good gameplay.

Heres the link for it in steam:

And heres a stream with a guy called Lirik playing it with some friends and then some randoms joining the server later, fast foward to 5h20m in the video and they start playing it, look like madfun imo!!:
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