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 Originally Posted by roxer2b: ( link to post ) 
It's not really *That* hard to emulate a human in a multiplayer game. Thats what I did for a thesis for my game dev engineer degree.
Basically, you just throw some neural networks and rngs together with a decent pathfinder. And perhaps a DT.
Teamwork isnt too hard either I'd reckon, but I didnt do that in my emulating AI. Time and all that happy jazz.

Replicating human behavior is trickier though...
Totally ignoring the fact that you necroposted a 6-year-old thread, official word later came down that the marine AI was purposely dumbed down to make single player a more tactical experience.

They perform very well when stopped and facing a the direction from which bugs are approaching, but are pretty dumb while on the move or facing the wrong direction.

Done, and done.
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