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Third/first person camera code

Just a question, has anybody here successfully messed with the camera code for Alien Swarm (free Source version) so that the camera is third-person and the camera follows where the player is pointing with the mouse instead of always facing north?

I've seen a couple of threads posted on this same issue both on this forum and Steampowered but I'm just curious to see if maybe that's changed and someone's found a solution.

I found that if you go to first-person mode in the console, the camera actually works like a camera in an FPS game (instead of the camera always facing north). However, in first-person mode the camera is right up on the Marine's head, and I can't seem to zoom that camera out in AS's source .cpp/.h files. I've even tried to find the first-person code for camera and replicate it for third-person, but to no avail.

If anyone has a solution that would be awesome. I don't mind if the code hack is for first-person or third-person.

If I have any updates on this I'll do an edit or post a reply. Thanks in advance.
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