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Old 7th Mar 2009, 04:12 AM   #1
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Alpha Release - 2009/03/07

A new release is available from Nightblade's Testing Page. The changelog lists what has changed.

The big change this time is that Nightblade now uses the new UT3 mod system introduced in patch 2.0. This means you have to install the 2.0 patch, and you should remove any previous Nightblade installation before installing the new version.
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Thanks Immortius

Also don't forget to remove the NB movie from UTGame>Movies as it's no longer required.

Also for the editor.exe to work you need to still make a copy of the Published directory and rename it to Unpublished.

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It's a free weekend for UT3 on steam plus the game's on sale for $11.99.
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*posted here in error*

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