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action rpg alien game :o

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  • action rpg alien game :o

    hey, i used to be a huge fan of alien swarm (i still am but can't find anyone to play it with) i just found a game that i just had to share with you guys
    alien shooter 2 , u can watch a trailer here

    the game is just like alien swarm, u move ur character with keyboard and aim with the mouse, the only difference is in that game u have tons of weapons and u have stats to level etc.
    the only thing that i dislike about it are the graphics... they seem a bit outdated

    so maybe you should give it a shot untill Infested comes out

    official site:

    i have the German version of the game, because the game only came out in america and in germany or something like that and shipping from america is only way to get the US version i think :s really sucks.

    but someone translated the text from german version to english only the voices are still in ger...

    anyways i hope that some guys are gonna play it and we can team up to whoop some alien ass

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    Someone posted about this awhile back. The first time through was fun, but not so much after that. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't support co-op for the single player missions.
    Based on a true story.
    The prequel.