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This mod is freaking awesome

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  • This mod is freaking awesome

    I recently ditched Windows completely on my IBM Thinkpad. XP pro was taking ridiculous amounts of time to boot or shutdown in between classes/whatever. So now I am running Slackware 11 exclusively. In search for the few games that run natively on Linux and on my relatively slow ATI X300 Mobility I installed UT2004 and found this mod. FREAKIN A THIS MOD ROCKS. But you guys know that, you are already seasoned forum junkies. Very professional mod, I look forward to getting the Source version for my desktop. Am I the only one who finds this game very difficult? Jeez. I guess it just takes time like everything though. BTW: I already have Escape from Rhea, Telic and Phalanx. Any mutators that I HAVE to get? I have yet to venture out online. Any good servers around still?

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    Pretty much all the maps servers are running are in the map list thread in the mapping section of the forum, other than that there's only a few other things, but you can DL them from the servers when/if you need them .

    Glad you like swarm! Yeah, it's hard at first (I still suck after about a year ) but it's hella fun when you play with others in a good server! Hope to see ya around mate .


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      As for servers, there's still three or four good ones around, and they've been quite active recently thanks to the release of Escape From Rhea.
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