Hey guys, I've a few questions on Research and Salvage.

In research, I can't seem to find ALL the eggs- and I've played through it about 10 times. I've blown up the ones in the crates near the end ( 5 in total...right?) and the ones in the conveyor belt.
Near the start, there's a room with 2 eggs in it, but the door's barricaded- can I enter it somehow? ( The dented door with broken crap piled behind it)
I'd appriciate it if someone could help me with eggs that I'm likely to miss (eg hidden, in dark rooms etc.)

For Salvage, I've downloaded the report from the computer near the tracks, but I can't seem to get past that damn electrical thing that blocks the way near the end of the tracks. I tried to jump, duck, swarm, charge, but it's only Sarge that survives with...1hp? Something like that.

Yeah, so, help any? xD