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Hi. I am new in Alien Swarm :)

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  • Hi. I am new in Alien Swarm :)


    My name is Florian (20 years old next month)a.k.a. minoda and I am new in this lovely game . I'm playing it now for only 3 days. I really don't know some things and a few people would call me a "noob" . But I really like the game and I hope I can join some games online. I like to play Crash or Bastille. Sometimes the servers are totally empty. So just tell me your playing times and I hope that I am allowed to join you .

    (Sorry for my bad english. It is enough to talk ingame )

    Thanks for your attention

    Greets minoda

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      hello minoda!

      i am from germany too, try to play at later times in the evening. but it depends, sometimes you can find a full server even around 4 o'clock in the afternoon (16.00 Uhr).
      as everybody knows alien swarm is a coop game, so a teamplaying "noob" is way better than a wannabe pro who thinks he is cool by doing all things alone and ruhsing the map

      see you ingame!


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        Welcome aboard

        Try the servers on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. They're usually pretty active then. You can always try the old trick of joining an empty server and waiting around for people to join up. After a few minutes, they start to pour in
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          I am from Germany too (Near Frankfurt a. Main).
          I host the German server "Felix ...". Unfortunately it's broken at the moment but will be back online in about three weeks when I am back from hollidays.

          On weekdays you can join a server at nearly anytime and soon somebody will join and then another and another and ...

          If a server is not passworded you are always free to join. A few servers, like mine, have so called resslots. This means that some vip (mostly friends of the admin or in his eyes good players) players have preference for others. When a vip joins you might get kicked.
          At the moment this servers are NoData and Felix. All other servers are without restrictions.

          Good servers from Germany, regarding ping are the UIE (Irish Unreal Server) or the THN (it's in Holland). Fraggods is fine to, but that server is missing some stuff. NoData server is okay but you have a high ping from Germany. BCG (blackcatgames) server is fine too.

          On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings you have at least one full server between 19:00 and 02:00.

          Sunday you can play nearly the whole day if you want.

          Remember if you respect the game "rules" then you are not a noob but a newbie. There are a lot of threads that can tell you how to play save and give you lots of hints. Most important (in my eyes) are:

          -"If you dont know the map then follow others!" Dont go in front if you dont know the spawnpoints and parasites. Let an experienced player lead. Explore the maps (maybe in easy) in single player.

          -Try to play always in normal or higher (exploring new maps can be done in easy). This will give you a better feeling for which actions are okay and which are not. On easy most errors dont get punished enough.

          -Start with a "save" character like a medic or autogunner. And a "save" weapon/extra combination. On non telic missions (sigma and ortega camp.) Wildcat or Wolf with autogun, ammobag and stims would be good for start. Maybe guard the rear? Autogun is not the savest but the easiest weapon. Mind the friendlyfire cause it locks on to the aliens regardles that a fellow is in the line of fire.
          Other good choice is a medic (Faith or Bastille) with rifle, medsatchel plus stims. Try to put all gained stars to healing first and then to accuracy (other players might say movement is more important but since you dont lead nor rear guard you dont need it more then the autoaim from accuracy. Then give stars to movement and then to health)
          On all other campaigns (Telic, Escape from Rhea, Phalanx or a custom campaign) you will have three stims per medic and one stim for all others classes for "free", so a good medic would be Faith with Rifle, Medsatchel plus fleshlight (gives the Rifle autoaim). Then you dont have to spent stars to accuracy.

          -Try to avoid "unsave" weapons like flamethrower, shotgun or granade luncher.

          -If someone asks for a stim (bullittime) then dont hasitate and stim immediately. Dont save the drugs for later. Medics stim first cause they have the most stims.

          -If you join a server with other players playing already, let them pick there character first then take one of the leftovers. You will always keep "your" character during the whole campaign. When you start a new one you can pick whatever you like.

          -Be nice, say hello when you join. Maybe tell them that you are new?

          Hope that helps you a little

          See you in the game.

          Ich werde am Mittwoch Abend so ab 20:00 Uhr auf dem UIE Server online sein. Vielleicht hast du ja Zeit?
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            Thanks for the help and your warm welcome

            @Felix: Kann dir noch nicht 100%ig zusagen, aber samstags und sonntags bin ich fast immer ab 20 Uhr online und Danke für den enormen Text

            edit: I just played Wildcat a few times. Seems to be a good choice for me as a beginner
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              felic, somehow I get the feeling you are doing it on purrpiss...

              Hello and welcome, Flo!


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                Originally posted by lightfoot View Post
                felic, somehow I get the feeling you are doing it on purrpiss...

                Hello and welcome, Flo!
                hey. just played with you was fun, but I lost connection.


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                  i play some time ago, but it's my first time on the forum xP


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                    Originally posted by minoda View Post
                    ...I just played Wildcat a few times. Seems to be a good choice for me as a beginner
                    Good game yesterday!

                    You passed the "newbie-test" = no noob

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                      Keep on not TKing people!
                      Yeah, or else, the mighty Moses will crush you
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                        Hey it's me everyone with one of my famous coming back spurs!

                        Well, when first off make sure you can keep up with the pace as they will usually run ahead pretty quickly if you are playing with experienced players. Also, look out for a certain moose...
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                          Feel new too.
                          Finished Sigma and Ortega Campaigns recently and got Telic and Rhea to go through some day...
                          Must say that Multiplayer is really fun. You have your moment with it depending if they run insane mode or not so it gets rough