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Several questions about AS

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  • Several questions about AS

    1) sys. req. like ut 2004? or lower? or higher?
    2) lan game. is there option to enter ip?
    3) how long is the camp?
    4) how many types of aliens are there? i screenshots i saw only one type...

    that's all for now... tnx)

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    1) About the same, give or take.
    2) There is an option to enter the IP addresses. LAN games usually show up on the LAN tab of the server browser anyways.
    3) Sigma is 7 maps, Ortega is 6, Upsilon is 6 or 7, Phalanx is 6, Telic is 7, and Escape From Rhea is 6. Upsilon, Phalanx, Telic, and Escape From Rhea need to be downloaded though.
    4) There are the soldiers, ubers, buzzers, parasites, and the Queen She. Telic added a few others.
    Based on a true story.
    The prequel.