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Map angles and extra modes?

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  • Map angles and extra modes?

    Anyone know what text files and what lines i have to change to enable all the extra modes for single play?

    Like hardcore mode, map rotated 198 degrees, etc.

    Would be nice if you could list em or upload the text file with everything enabled already.

    Thanks for the help.

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    My guess is that it's somewhere in the AlienSwarm.ini file, but I couldn't find it. Try this: open up a map in single player, set the difficulty to insane, start the map and type "smoothandbythenumbers" into the console. That should complete the map without any dead marines, before the uber time, and on insane unlocking all of the variations.
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      Theres a mutator for it in campaign mode too.
      Alien Swarm Map List


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        I once managed to do this. In alienswarm.ini, find the place that lists the LevelHash bits (bit below the mapnames, under the heading [AoPrototype.AoBestScores]) and make sure those entries have the value 7.

        et cetera. The numbers in the [] refer to the mapnames a bit above in the ini, I think that if you just add the value 7 to say, 50 LevelHash bits, then play the maps, the maps get the mapnumber assigned to their names on the first load and the second load of that map or restart should have that LevelHash kicking in and enabling all the modes for you.
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