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Useful Binds - Morita Hack

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  • Useful Binds - Morita Hack

    "Morita Hack"
    Binds the morita hack to a key, in this eg. 0.
    When you press this key you turn it on.
    When you press it again you turn it off.
    "Morita Hack" means that if you have the Morita Carabiner (for the tech only) and press your firebutton it FIRST aims to the nearest alien THEN fires.
    There is no longer the need to press the 2nd firebutton first to aim before you press the firebutton to shoot the target.
    This makes the Morita a very powerful weapon.

    All configurations have to be done in the file /Alienswarm/System/AlienSwarmUser.ini

    This two lines should be in most profiles already. If not add it.
    Aliases[0]=(Command="Button bFire | Fire | OnRelease UnFire",Alias="Fire")
    Aliases[1]=(Command="Button bAltFire | AltFire",Alias="AltFire")
    Add this aliases at the end of you aliases list. Adjust the index number Aliases[index] to the next higher value. You can customize the ON/OFF message of course.
    Aliases[36]=(Command="AoAltFire | Button bFire | Fire | OnRelease UnFire",Alias="Mori")
    Aliases[37]=(Command="say Hack is ON! | set input 0 MoritaHackOff | set input LeftMouse Mori",Alias="MoritaHackOn")
    Aliases[38]=(Command="say Hack is Off | set input 0 MoritaHackOn | set input LeftMouse Fire",Alias="MoritaHackOff")
    Binds the alias to the 0 key.
    Also it can make sense to add a setname PlayernameHacked behind the activation alias and a setname Playername behind the deactivation alias. Then you can always see if the hack is enabled and will never forget it.


    Alternative to type into console while in game:
    set input leftmouse AoAltFire | Fire
    set input leftmouse Fire
    "Info about the maps in current custom campaign"
    (binds the info command to key 7)
    7=mutate ccinfo
    "Spam bind"
    A=say This game is so cool!!!
    "Call for Air plus ! emoticon"
    A=say I need AIR!!!|EmoteExclaim
    "Suicide bind plus message"
    Z=Suicide|say Let's die!
    "Stim bind plus message"
    Shift=say Slow it down!|Stim
    "Stop call plus emoticon"
    NumPad5=say STOP! WAIT HERE!!!|OrderHold
    "Go call plus emoticon"
    NumPad5=say Move it people!!!|OrderFollow
    ===Binds for Admins===
    "Login as admin to multible servers. All bound to one key"
    F9=adminlogin <username_1> <password_1> | adminlogin <username_2> <password_2> |  ... adminlogin <username_n> <password_n>
    "Restart the map (when loged in as admin)"
    F11=admin restartmap
    "Explode Level (what might that do? )"
    "Take leadership (when you have a resslot on the server)"
    F12=mutate takeleadership
    ===Explanation of the build-in aliases [CREDIT]by Fuzzy Bunny[/CREDIT]===

    "EmoteMedic" - Medic call
    "EmoteAmmo" - Ammo call
    "EmoteSmile" -
    "EmoteAnimeSmile" - ^_^
    "DropAmmoFromAmmoBag 7" - Drop Shenk (or Hunter?) ammo
    "DropAmmoFromAmmoBag 6" - Drop Hunter (or Shenk?) ammo

    The other ammo drops can be assigned in the Input options, as can primary/secondary/extra drops.

    "shot" - takes a screenshot
    "demorec %m_%d_(%t)" - Starts recording a demo with the name "MapName_Date_(Time)" -Was listed in Carth's guide
    "InventoryShout" - Inventory shout
    "SpeechMenuToggle" - Brings up the marine speech menu (bonus material)
    "MeleeAttack" - Melee
    "ShowMenu" - Esc menu
    "ShowScores" - Voting menu
    "stat net" - shows connection info
    "stat none" - disables all the "stat x" commands at once
    "gamma #" - Sets gamma level
    "brightness #" - sets brightness level
    "NextWeapon" - Next weapon
    "PreviousWeapon" - Previous weapon

    After MiddleMouse, all the other mouse buttons are numerical, Mouse4 to Mouse8
    The key "Unknown5B" is the Windows key, at least on my keyboard(s). I'd recommend only binding it if you've got it's ability to pull up the Start menu disabled.

    Not realy new stuff. You can find all this in the manualls or in the forum, but people are asking about the morita hack, failed when trying to bind it or event dont know it. So I thought it would make sense to post it again.
    The rest is an (incomplete) overview about what you can do with binds to make AS live easier (as admin) or just more fun (spams) .

    Please post other useful binds and I will add them here to this first post.

    [HINT TO FORUM ADMIN]Make it even sticky?[/HINT TO FORUM ADMIN]
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    Thanks Felix, I was missing 0=MoritaHackOn, even thou it was on the original thread. I guess I just can't read or something.

    I like "Y=say I need Air! | EmoteExclaim" so you get the exclaimation mark as well.
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      As far as I know, I was the first person to suggest the tech try aoaltfire|fire
      ^Dread was the one that did the fancy alias work, if I remember correctly.

      History lesson is over!
      Based on a true story.
      The prequel.


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        Actually, it might have been Barmy. Credit where credit is due, son.


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          Originally posted by Fuzzy Bunny View Post
          As far as I know, I was the first person to suggest the tech try aoaltfire|fire
          ^Dread was the one that did the fancy alias work, if I remember correctly.

          History lesson is over!

          So you are whining cause I dont gave you credit here?
          You missed the point of this thread.
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            Originally posted by Felix View Post
            So you are whining cause I dont gave you credit here?
            Not at all.
            Originally posted by Felix View Post
            You missed the point of this thread.
            Not at all.

            I'll PM you with more stuff to add.
            Based on a true story.
            The prequel.


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              Just kidding. I know you are a good one
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                Added fuzz(y)/ies stuff
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                  key binds and console tricks

                  Good one. Always good to know what your game can do.

                  'Awesome good', to be exact

                  I'd have a few small things to add. (No originality is claimed. I owe to Sofos for most of what I know about console magic. We are collecting tricks like that for some time now.)

                  1. Keep in mind: instead of opening your .ini and editing it, you can it most cases bind keys by using the simple console command set input key function.
                  Like eg. in the classical 'set input g stim'. Or in 'set input u say Would someone stim please?'

                  I would say this is the 'express route' to a new key bind, without having to shut down the game and edit anything manually.

                  It has problems, though. As the 'say' command will make the engine ignore everything after it, when typed into the console, 'set input t stim|say Oh my precious stims!' will work, but 'set input t say Oh my precious stims!|stim' will not.

                  So, editing your .ini may sometimes be the better way indeed, as there is no similar problem with putting a line like 't=say Oh my precious stims!|stim' into your .ini.

                  But there is yet another way of organising the binds, the official 'menu way'. See below, under point 5.

                  2. The 'onrelease' command can further enhance what you can do with keys, like in
                  set input t fly|onrelease walk
                  which does what you probably expect: it makes you fly as long as you hold 't'.

                  Could be useful in connection with 'ghost' or 'togglecam' or suchlike.

                  3. You could of course bind all sorts of cheats to keys. I had god mode bound once, to comfortably toggle it when playtesting.
                  set input t marineinvun

                  Other examples - 'set input t summon AoTelic.DrTelicaCan'. (Walk around the map hitting 't' in quick succession, then quench your virtual thirst with the virtual softdrink until the virtual doctor comes...)

                  - in a dark area, 'set input t summon AoPrototype.AoFlareBurning' will enlighten you.

                  Of course, cheats like that work in single player only. (by default, that is. but look under point 6.)

                  4. Sofos and me thought up a way of binding a set of key bind commands to a key, to be able to switch between different keyboard layouts with a simple movement of one finger. There might be other ways to do this, but this one works. And you could do other magical/mental things with it, far more complicated than the morita hack.

                  The following is just an example, modify it for your own needs. The trick is in the 'exec' function, enabling you to call an arbitrary .txt file in your UT2004\system folder for local execution. Inside that .txt files you could have all kinds of console commands, including (sets of) rebinds. Like in this small (and probably confusing) example:

                  Produce two text files in ...UT2004\system, one by the name 'drink.txt' containing this:
                  say "I need a drink!"
                  summon AoTelic.useObjVendingMachine
                  set input t exec off.txt

                  and 'off.txt' with that:
                  say "Bah, softdrinks! Back to action..."
                  set input t exec drink.txt

                  You have a (very small, and, in this simple case, potentially buggy) sequence now. When in game, you need to get it started. Again you could either edit your AlienSwarmUser.ini or, while ingame, type 'set input t exec drink.txt'
                  (With the other steps of this example done, 'exec drink.txt' at console would do in this case, 'cos the script does the bind automagically then...)

                  However, this will have the two .txt scripts executed with the same key, one after the other, in sequence.

                  This example does nothing else but toggle god mode and summon a DrTelicOMatic, as soon as you activate it to have a break from the action. The point of interest here is not the content, but the fact that the .txt scripts all rebind 't' to the next file in the sequence.

                  Very much like the Morita hack does, in principle. The difference is just that you have more than just one line to enter commands, you have two or more separate console command scripts, that are circle-linked. If you know what I mean.

                  With that, you could toggle and set almost everything, or, with just a little more effort, even cycle through several keyboard layouts, complete with the respective status messages and whatever.

                  Again, I heard it'd bring problems if you used the pipe ('|') character in such a .txt file, it doesn't work. However, you can still use the onrelease syntax.
                  And if you use the method described here you have a console command batch-exec anyway, which should completely remove any need to stack commands into one line with the pipe.

                  5. If you are confused and want to check what you have done to your binds from ingame, you can simply type 'preferences' in the console. Wait a few seconds, a window will open. In 'Advanced' section there is a tab with the title 'Raw Key Bindings'. Everything is written down there. Be ready for some waiting time, at least on low-spec systems bringing up the preferences may use too much memory and will respond very slow.

                  6. One specially for the server admins: you ever heard about a prog called 'AdminPlus?' I was told it makes it possible to even enable some cheat commands for online play, as admin...
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                    Originally posted by lightfoot View Post
                    First, I think you made a typo or something in your thread starter, Felix. Under "Suicide bind plus message", shouldn't it be 'Z=Suicide|say Let's die!' ?
                    Corrected, thanks.

                    Originally posted by lightfoot View Post
                    Of course, cheats like that work in single player only.
                    marineinvun=true works in multiplayer online too. Used it a lot with Donator during beta testing EFR to run to a certain point on the map. Of course you have to log on as admin first.
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                      Ah yes, I forgot, some cheats work for the admin anyway.
                      (I remember, Uarch turned into a giant Crash one day on his server, maybe thrice the height, very funny. )

                      I would like to know: which ones exactly? I guess there are more, at least all the bannning and slapping stuff. And commands like 'smoothandbythenumbers' or 'clearhouse'. I guess to be exactly sure you'd need to try them all out.

                      There seems to be different levels of console commands. Some only work locally. SOME can be used online by the admin. SOME can even be executed by a map actor script.

                      I never found any good docu on what makes this levels different. And which command belongs to where.

                      There is an UDN distinction between 'console commands' and 'exec functions', but it didn't enlighten me so very much.

                      That admin plus program makes some more commands availiable for the admin, like the almighty 'set' command. Thats why I mentioned it.


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                        Can You Make The Thread Sticky Please???

                        I will add more information to the first post when I have the time.
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                          Change the nickname when Morita hacked

                          Ark had the cool idea (I never thought I would have to admit that ), that it would make sense to change the player name when enabeling the morita hack.

                          For that just add a | setname ArkHacked behind the activation alias
                          and a | setname Ark behind the deactivation alias.

                          Of course replace that Ark against a proper nick
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                            I've been playing Medic the past few days which I never done much of before. I am really slow and inaccurate with the heals though and I'm not that fast clicking the portraits to do it either.

                            So I was wondering if anyone knows if it'd be possible to do a heal marine# bind? Something like you press it and it swings you round automatically and heals them. 1 would heal yourself, 2 heals the next marine etc.

                            Cheers for any help. I'll delete this post after if I can to keep the topic tidy.


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                              If it's multiplayer, tell the injured marien that they will not get any lotion unless they stand still for the time it takes for you to do a portrait click.

                              Pop quiz: Who is at fault here?