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    Some of these actually look pretty nice. Some could do with a skybox. For extra fun, try to guess which maps are which

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Based on a true story.
    The prequel.

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    3 & 8 > *'s safer here.


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      Ok, some guesses. I'm with Baz, 3 and 8 are nice, 7 as well

      8 = Tunnel
      7 = Paracelsus
      6 = Lost Contact
      4 = Cleanup2
      3 = Aspirant
      2 = BioLab
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        1 Sulfure
        2 BioLab
        3 Aspirant
        4 BugCity
        5 TrenchWar
        6 LostContact
        7 Paracelsus
        8 Tunnel

        I WIN!
        My AS2K4 map: Sulfure-SE
        And a fixed one: BehemothTournament-TE2


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          Originally posted by NoData View Post
          I WIN!
          Not quite, #6 is wrong There's a pretty good difference between the two versions and their starting areas.
          Based on a true story.
          The prequel.


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            Wow, really nice.

            I like them.

            So how to get them up? What is the name of the standard texture?

            It would be especially nice if there is several of these, and one is chosen randomly at game startup.


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              Well, you have start ASw, open a map manualy (console; open ao-research), select a caracter, start the map, then "Exit to main menu". Once there, try to open another map (console; open ao-barrack). Huho, the main menu load that map insted of the usual startup backgroud (caus its a map too, you can even open it in UED). Now that your menu is the map you have choose, just it "Esc" 2 times, the text menu will disapear, and your free to move in the map you just opened! Use your usual key to take the screenies you want.

              My AS2K4 map: Sulfure-SE
              And a fixed one: BehemothTournament-TE2


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                Originally posted by lightfoot View Post
                It would be especially nice if there is several of these, and one is chosen randomly at game startup.
                I'm not sure about doing it randomly, but you should be able to specify at least one as the new start up map in the AlienSwarm.ini file. You might have to change the gametype for some of the maps though, I tried it one time with Sulfure and it loaded staright to the briefing screen.
                Based on a true story.
                The prequel.


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                  Ok I tried this and that. And here is a custom menu map I stitched together.
                  (Edit: old version, and link removed, was non-functional anyway)

                  It worked for me to just brutally replace the Startup map with mine. Dont forget to make a backup of the old one if you want to do likewise.

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                    Yes. StartUp maps need to be of 'AoInterface.AoCinematicGame' type to work, or you'll just get some 'C++ runtime error - terminated in an unusual way...blah blah'

                    Btw, modifying lobby maps to work as decent startup substitutions is especially easy...



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                      Oh, THAT nice one. Tres cool.

                      And it can't be too hard to have one of these maps chosen at startup, out of a set. I guess even a small batch could do that.

                      If we get more of these maps, I will try script that batch.

                      Replacing or renaming these small maps should only take a small amount of startup time. And the pro is not only more visual, but more audible variety, too.

                      Because of no briefing screen and roster interfering here, it is easily done assigning another music in the LevelInfo.

                      But one small problem I have. Game starts and runs fine with my replaced Startup map, but I can 'escape' from the menu, and find myself floating in menu space!

                      Unless there happens to be anyone who knows this, and is willing to help me here, I will need to take a close look into how they immobilised the player at the playerstart, in the original startup map.


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                        I tried to improve that half-baked thing. Managed to fix the problem with the free floating. It needs a Matinee to do so, it seems.

                        And made some minor optical changes. Also tried to find another, even better song, but 'KR-Serenity' is the one most pleasant to my ear.


                        I took the liberty of writing a small 'How to create a custom menu map', in case someone wants to do another, better one.

                        EDIT: there is five working menu maps now. And, for Windows users, a small batch script starting up the game with a randomly chosen one. To know more, just click the above link.
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