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  • A Simple Question

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if there was anyway I could "extract" any of the models out of Alien Swarm, so that I could use them in UT2004.

    I already tried taking the AOMarineModel.ukx and AOMarineSkins.utx and putting them in their respective Animation and Textures folder, to no avail. I also tried making my own .upl file based on another .upl file for another skin I had downloaded.

    Basically though, I don't know how I could get any of the Alien Swarm models into UT2004. If someone else know's how, if it's even possible, please let me know. Thank you!

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    Even if it's possible you may also need permission.


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      Yes, I guess your right. I didn't plan on releasing any of it, saying I made it or anything, if that helps. I was just wanting to see if it could be done, and as my own little personal project, for my own enjoyment. But ya, if anyone knows how I could get those model's to work in UT2004, or who I could contact to get permission if I need it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


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        Dalai would be a good person to seek permission from.

        As regards "how", you could try describing the question in your thread title, that way the audience don't have to click into this thread to see it?

        Good luck.


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          The marine models are actually the Juggernaut models from UT2k4. I think they even use the same skins, except for the medics.
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            as fuzzy says they are just rescaled ut2k4 models anyway
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              Well, at least I know now haha! See, I use the Juggernaut model in UT2004... not sure of the exact name, but I've been looking for a while for more DOOM Marine, big armor plated type models to use, and I just assumed the ones in Alien Swarm were like that. I never really got a good enough look I guess to notice they were the same. Thanks though for your help and information everyone!


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                you have my permission to play as Elvis. Though he is not a marine, he has plenty of DOOM to go around.