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  • AS: Camera view

    • Hey all,

    is there a way to change the camera view, can i get a 3/4 isometric sort of view instead of the top down? In both single palyer and multiplayer.

    In multiplayer i spotted a 90, 180, & 270 degree view options but the didn't seem to do anything.



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    Like this?


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      Yeah like that. is there away to do it with out mutators?


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        No, or people wouldn't have made mutators.
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          Just for fun: I activated the mutator on the Rift Code Server (.de#2)
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            Originally posted by Felix View Post
            Just for "fun"
            Hadn't been so much fun yesterday


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              Originally posted by Ark View Post
              Hadn't been so much fun yesterday
              If you die all the time....

              But you are right indeed. It's just a test for a while for people to get to know it.
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                Originally posted by Felix View Post
                If you die all the time
                Damn u Felix, LIES


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                  I tried the mutator and i dont really like it... too much up and down of the camera
                  bleach forever!!!


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                    Hmm. I think it is an ingenious thing. Thus I will argue a bit in defense.

                    It plays nice with a couple of maps, doesn't it. For the others, results could be improved quite some, with the very same code.

                    All the problems with it are known. Butters has mentioned them all. He even gave the okay to try and improve the mutator, based on what he coded.

                    More, he gave us the means to improve the results, without coding. Without even having to map. Without risking version mismatches or such.
                    Without much work, all in all, compared to the way he went.

                    He maybe took us 98% of the way. And we can't even go the last two percent, even though the path is clear, and still complain?

                    Remember, none of the maps out there have been done with this other view angle in mind. It is a great achievement, not to say a miracle, that it works AT ALL. There simply is no way it could have been better, without reworking all the maps making problems. Or building a really intelligent camera, smarter than we are.


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                      Does anyone know if there are any variables that server admins can tinker with?
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                        Open your eyes, its all there
                        just hit the "full readme file" link at first post


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                          I have to agree with LF and X. In the html readme that comes with the mutator it says that you can place actors (commands on how the camera should be on a certain point of the map). This actors will be saved in the .ini-File. This ini-File can be stored on the server.

                          So if anyone is not happy with the camera on a certain map he is welcome to place and save the actors for it.

                          Also, I have played whole cc-Sigma with Pallo an Laosh on normal and had absolutely no troubles.

                          As I stated earlier, I only put the mutator on the Rift-Server cause this one guy was curious. I have no real motivation to play with it myself. I guess it will be removed in a few days or weeks if people dont want it.
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