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    Originally posted by Felix View Post
    Someone else placing your stars!
    Ooh, a very good point!

    I think the AS style emoticons work especially well due to the top-down view, wouldn't be as effective in first person cases.

    Also, nothing wrong with Microsoft Mary. Although Text-To-Speech is kind of obsolete these days when most of the people just use voicecomms.
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      Originally posted by Ki!ler-Mk1 View Post
      Oh yes, we love the toggle auto reload function btw, do not remove this! Nothing more annoying than "i died cus i was reloading, i was reloading because my ammo was out even tho i didnt press shoot(reload when empty) while i had 00 ammo."
      As ever, let me note again that it's broken in ASw. It shouldn't EVER reload from pressing Fire once it's toggled off. It's pretty useless as is because the professional way to use many weapons is short, controlled bursts, so rapid clicking will often, accidentally trigger the reload as it currently stands.


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        I'm against check/save points.
        Keep FF.
        If you make the waiting time for kicking people too long, it won't be funny to start kick votes anymore.

        Mostly what Salsa said.
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          I have the effect of making public servers private.


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            big +1 to not losing all stars for a death. This would solve or lessen almost all the problems with mission restarts/continuing. A team could stand to lose a medic or tech once if they kept at least some of their stars. Less restarts are a good thing for newbies and pros!

            Some cues for newbies would be it idiot text if you like.
            -Hacking cues
            -arrows indicating off-screen teammates
            -welding spots
            -important buttons/switches

            Easing the learning curve can only help the pro vs. newbie conflicts and helps keep new players from getting frustrated and leaving the game for good. Not losing all stars for deaths and some idiot text could do wonders to help the learning curve, without destroying the essence of ASw. Chainsaws pointed out that issues of mixing newbies and pros don't come up if the community is large enough, but new players have to be comfortable enough to even want to stick it out through the learning curve. I think that was one of ASw biggest flaws.

            But don't get rid of FF to ease the learning curve...that's important! L4D has FF no one seems to care too much...I guess ASw's FF was less forgiving than L4D's, but it's still a valid example to support keeping it.
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              I want to keep my Swarm damn hard at times, so I'd like the OPTION TOGGLE, like with wounded marines, to have marines regress to last completed mission stats or start from beginning, as usual.


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                Am I right to assume that this thread is some kind of hint that AS:I is still being worked on?
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                  What, you needed a thread from Dalai to know that? How lacking in .


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                    Well, every time someone asks about the game's development, they either end up getting ridiculed or not being answered at all. So yeah, I was just wondering...

                    Anyway, I don't want to go off topic any further.


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                      Perhaps a careful review of your options... is in order?


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                        Want to make this mod appeal to new players? Here is how:

                        No more star(s) removal if you die on a map. Or make it randomly remove 1 star on the next map.

                        This will reduce the amount of restarts.

                        All maps should use TELIC/EFR weapons and items. Remove Telic stims, the magical 3 you start with somehow.

                        Make the default difficulty advanced? I haven't played in soo long so don't get mad if I do not remember.

                        Easy/Advanced/Hard/Expert. Also make it so Expert can not be voted to. Since unless you are a AS PR0 like Moses, any new or semi bad player well just get reamed by the game and the players over and over again. Just does not make it fun.

                        Disable disabling marine revive button.

                        Make each map have a random rotation for each new map which is not a restart. So if you retry the map, you will still have the same rotation. What I mean is, everytime you play a new campaing, each map could be rotated differently. This would freshen up gameplay.

                        None of the super alien mutators, just the rotation.

                        TL;DR... Read it, it is not that long.


                        Maybe a decent United States server? Or am I the only one from the U.S. that visits these parts.


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                          And in my lulnezz, I thought this thread was about someone setting up a new server.

                          Maybe I have sparked your interest NoData, for some game mutations/mods?

                          I guess this is a confirmation for AS:I, a very 4th person kind of way.


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                            Originally posted by Jimyd View Post
                            I guess this is a confirmation for AS:I, a very 4th person kind of way.
                            Dalai is very much a 1st kind of person around these parts.


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                              He speaks the truth.


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                                Ah, but that's not the same... as telling no lies.