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    Originally posted by Dalai View Post
    The current UI shows the whole team's loadout on one screen.
    Heh...guess it's been a while for me. I remember constantly clicking between characters during mission briefing to compare everyone's loadouts.


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      I think he's referring to that new game he's designing... the Alien Breed sequel.


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        No, no. Clearly he's talking about that game they couldn't be bothered to actually develop that was supposed to be a sequel to Alien Swarm

        Statements like that are exactly why I don't care how long it takes for this game to be released. When it gets here it is going to be epic. (yes, I know that makes me sound like a fanboy but I don't care)
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          Being a fanboi for a small (in supporters NOT content) but epic Mod should be Hip!
          "Your going DOWN clOWN" why did someone have to say this. WHY


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            Mostly agree with Salsa. Normal shotgun can be useful on short maps when you don't want to/can't take a pistol and have few movement stars.

            Some I use:

            Tunnel loadout:
            P-rifle/Morita/Res-gren - Morita opens doors, p-rifle does crowd control, and you can use up enough grenades to have room for the arm.

            Starcraft loadout:
            Autogun/open/site-ex - Use site-ex like stims to make your ag more effective for ~10 seconds. Allows you to run faster than most of your teammates despite carrying an ag. Freestyle your secondary for the map; ammo for longer map, second weapon for shorter, turret for etc.

            Phalanx loadout:
            Satchel/Satchel/stims - Pass meds to the primary medic as he runs out, stim when necessary, and stay in the middle. You might get to collect a weapon, depending on your teammates and the map.

            Shotgun loadout:
            Assault shotty/assault shotty/res-gren - Switch shotguns instead of reloading. Use your grenades against groups.
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              all classes can usualy take 2 guns but to be efective autogunner only can carry one and a bag of rounds for it, as experienced autoguner i had alot of fun when i could drop make someone else carry a bag while i get extra flamer for some situations or shenk that alowed me to for example ignite packs of mobs to finish them off with the autogun fire which was fun and felt like haveing skill On one hand autogun is fun but it eats up ammo so damn fast, the team usualy wants you to be reliable therefore you have to get extra ammo for yourself and them instead of that extra gun.... but on the other hand i understand its a mechanic not to make everyone play autogunner. some situations where you could do something diferent than just plow through or perhaps stance, mode when ag could deploy for a short moment increasing the firepower but seriously limiting movement, they could have boots with spurs that would pin them to ground for a moment and then they could put autogun on a faster spin.

              All in all other calses do something diferent than just shooting, they plant mines or weald dors or hack or heal and throw nerv gas, they have to watch healing charges left administer strategicaly while autogun only mows the lawn and even tho haveing firepower is funn a bit more elements to the gameplay would be nice that way you give a bit more moves to perfect and things to take in concideration while mowing. overheating in mustard was good idea altho overheated autogun = death if noone to help, maybe some watter bottle for emergency cooling ( 1 charge for whole mission)

              Another idea is haveing diferent rounds to switch on:

              depleeted uranium - After being shot onto a wall or enemy they start to radiate doint area of efect damage, that way an autoguner could remotely shot poison, on the other hand hit but unkilled mobs can carry the radiation into the group and do extra damage so you have to watch out whereto spray them

              Incineration rounds - good for eggs bit weaker on aliens but aply incineration efect

              Cumulative rounds - something like needler from halo, shots that hit the target cumulate for a moment before they esplode for armorpiercing masive damage would be used to put down heavier armored aliens or burst open dors however blownup dors couldnt be put back together.


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                If the IAF is so strapped that they can't field low-light optics as standard, they very well may be interested to hear your opinion on low-cost cooling solutions.


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                  Adding 40 tons worth of heat sinks always worked for me.


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                    Just imagine all those fins.

                    Why not just Katamari around in a big beachball filled with coolant, if you're going to be that ridiculous.