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  • Ki!ler-Mk1
    It is worth, it, and with the maps avaliable to download at i can be quite sure it has more singleplayer content than alienbreed impact aswel.

    There are active players, just be sure that you get invited to the relevent steam groups, bcg first, and that you launch alienswarm with the steam overlay(ut2004 default should do), and other swarmers may see you playing.

    Though, as a new player you might have some problems as the current (european) playerbase which has to play on hard or above. As a result of that you might find jumping in harder than it once was, but if you are clear about being new, and have taken time to do the tutorial i can also assure you we will take it into consideration and help you with loadouts, someone to follow, and perhaps even reduced difficulty.

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  • Wishiwascool
    started a topic I'm new here!

    I'm new here!

    hey, i bought alien breed: impact a few days ago. it's a pretty decent game but a bit short and the MP is fairly lacking. it made me remember this mod though, i have never played it because i could never find UT2k4 in stores. well now with ut2k4 available on steam i was just wondering if this mod would be worth the 14.99 purchase of ut2k4. mainly im worried that the mod might not have enough active players.