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  • Nice work...

    The screens of MOD great Work i like your idea an best singel and MP...

    Can you answer me 3 questions (sorry my english is bad)?

    1. You make all mods for free (you make 3 mods at one time)?
    2. How made in % is the mod alien Swarm ?
    3. Can i help you as mapper ?

    I make many maps with unrealed 2.0-3.0...


    And very good luck with making the MOD.

    (i hope you make mod done, more mods are dieing :_(

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    I'm no official representative, but based on the information that's on these boards:

    1. Yes. All the three mods are free. (No, they are/were made at different times)
    2. 99% done. It was originally made in 2002 by a very small team.
    3. - This I will not speculate - Better wait for Dalai to come up -

    Just to clear any misconceptions:
    ThieveryUT is basically finished. It's been out for god knows how long.

    Night-Blade is the thing that began as Thievery 2 for UT2k3, but it's grown to be quite different.

    Alien Swarm was the secret project and wasn't announced until recently. I understand it was meant to be published in 2002 or something, but there was some serious trouble.

    By the way, I think mappers would be more appreciated for Night-Blade.
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      Hi Price

      2. it's extremely hard to say when a game is finished. the original game (with
      different content) was done some time ago; it was mainly developed out of fun
      for ourselves. so yeh, you can say the mod was more or less finished (gameplay
      elements more or less working plus three maps)
      but since we decided to release the mod we have to redo LOADS of things, like
      creating LOADS of new stuff, polishing everything up so it'll feel and look good,
      think about new gameplay features... in short make everything more fun!
      the development is coming along fine, we're all very motivated and work a lot on

      3. thanx for offering help. as usual plz contact one of the dev team, eg. Dalai, Cythe
      or me with infos about yourself and a portofolio of your work.

      edit: don't worry, this mod will be finished


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        thanks for the fast answer...

        edit: don't worry, this mod will be finished
        Thats make a good feel

        I think i look every day here :wink:

        I say all friends from your great organsation (mod projekts)