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Looking forward to the mapping tutorials :)

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  • Looking forward to the mapping tutorials :)

    Awesome looking mod guys. This is one of the most professional looking mods I've seen in development thus far, and I'm really looking forward to playing it on Friday

    I'm also very interested in seeing those mapping guides mentioned on the Alien Swarm page. This looks like the kind of mod that would be a lot of fun to map for, and if you consider doing a bonus pack or expansion or whatever, I'd like to contribute If not, I could put together a mini-mappack myself.

    Anyway, I thought I'd drop in and thank you guys for making such a high-quality mod for the community
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    Speaking of which, how do you guys handle inclined surfaces for shooting, or are all the maps just flat?


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      Maps are fully 3d.


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        Gonna be cool mapping for Alien Swarm


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          Great to see an interest in mapping for Swarm. The mapping docs will likely be put up a few days after release. As for shooting on inclines: Normally your gun fires horizontally out in the direction of the mouse pointer, but if you have the cursor directly on an alien that's above/below you, you'll aim up or down at it. Excessive combat on inclines isn't recommended since it's much harder to aim this way.


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            AARGH!!! i won't be anywhere near a computer on Friday, due to amusic trip to an amusement park!!!

            unless i can d/l it to the park's network...

            anywhay, you guys have fun at the release party, i'll be missing it.
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              Looking forward to it too Damn, I need a new project...
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