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  • is it possible..

    is it possible to host a more then 8 person server cause i love map designing and im good at very large maps.

    If death is another form of life, then what is life, are we dead or are we living in a dream, are we really here, did we never exist?
    finally ive come to one conclusion, were really dead, theres no such thing as life, were not real, were unreal

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    a) just wait those max 24h until release
    b) not every question needs an own thread -.-
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      8 players is max, tho i believe more could probaly join as spectators.

      There are only 8 marines in total, remember? Otherwise go watch the trailer again.


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        The co-op gameplay is not at all suited for lots of players. Swarm is designed with teamwork in mind, with each marine aware of his team members and each marine having a role to play. That's not possible when there's loads of players bunnyhopping around.


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          If you try to be Rambo, things will almost immediately run out of the shadows and eat you.


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            - Bring it!
            Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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              * wonders at the multiplicity of DQ's action smileys *

              * makes a vague Schwarzenegger quote *

              * makes a Bruce Campbell/Ash quote *

              Let's see...
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