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Multiple Problems with mod!!!

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  • Multiple Problems with mod!!!

    First off this rocks! Its like Crimsonland meets Aliens!

    But im having some problems

    (1)My team wont listen to anything i say.(Like being follwoed)
    (2)It wont save my config!!! I set it up my keys(even though it dont show them) and play then if i have to exit to main menu it resets them and all my other settings.

    I also have a question. If i change keys in this will it effect my other mods like Red Orch? Becuase under the input it shows the Red OPrch keys too.

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    Alien Swarm installs in its own sub folder, so any setting changes you make to Alien Swarm will NOT affect UT2k4 or any other mod.

    Did you use the umod install?


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        Strange that it won't save your config. Did you install the UT2k4 3204 patch before installing Alien Swarm? AlienSwarm should use the UT2004\AlienSwarm\AlienSwarmUser.ini to save your keys, check that file is there and isn't write protected or something. You could also open that file up in notepad and set your keys in it, if all else fails.


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          Dalai it's probably a problem with your GUI. It can't change the color depth, the audio settings and the keyboard configuration. Most of the boxes I check or uncheck are reseted when I return to the menu.
          I edited the ini but the changes don't appear in the settings screen.
          With the keyboard setting it's more annoying. I can't only bind a few keys. When I try with the arrows for instance it registers the key press but doesn't display anything in the box. When I move over the action label with the mouse, it says it's associated with (X,). The defaut key plus a bugged one.
          I'm pretty sure this is a common bug ( ) and I hope you'll find a fix soon, I'm even surprised you didn't catch this one (maybe you need more or better beta testers ).


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            That's really mystifying.

            But yeah. Try going to \UT2004\AlienSwarm\System\ directory and make sure none of the .ini files are read-only.
            Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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              Hmm, none of our testers had problems binding keys. I have a clean install of UT2k4 and Alien Swarm and the keys bind perfectly, settings are saved, etc.

              Could anyone that's having this problem give me the following information to help track down the cause:

              1) Which mods do you have installed?
              2) Did you install 3204 *before* installing Alien Swarm?
              3) Did you use the umod or the rar version of Swarm?
              4) Lastly, could you open a dos prompt and type:

              dir /s >listing.txt

              Chance "c" to which drive UT2004 is installed on and change "cd\UT2004" to wherever you've installed UT2004, e.g. if you have it in D:\Games\UT2004, you'd type "d:" then "cd\games\UT2004\"

              Then e-mail me the listing.txt - [email protected]
              This will help me see where the files are and if any are in the wrong place, have the wrong file attributes, etc.



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                Do you have any french, spanish or italian testers (SMITHNWESSUN maybe)? It may have to do with internationalized versions.

                1) Red Orchestra, Jailbreak, Alien Swarm and the Community Bonus Pack
                2) I installed the patch *before* installing Alien Swarm
                3) I used the umod version and it worked fine.
                4) Sent... But I doubt it comes from the file permissions :/


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                  SMITHNWESSUN is located in Canada. He might have the french version but I highly doubt it.