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  • MP Mode I think would be cool | Team Bug Hunt |

    Team Bug Hunt:

    Red Team vs Blue Team :-

    Type 1: Bug Blaster

    Your put in a level with a time limit and the aim is to rack up more bug kills than the other team. Simple enough. You cant kill the other team but could be ways of hampering there progress like sealing doors etc. This type also ahs scope for more than just 2 teams 4-6 teams 2v2v2v2v2v2 etc would be hectic and would rock!

    Type 2: Mission Master

    Each team enters a level and races to complete the mission in the quickest time possible. Good use for tactics here, setting traps for opposite team, welding doors shut etc.

    I think itd be cool to have another option to play rather than the current Co-Op, gives you somethin to play against than just AI =]

    Lovin the game atm tho, really is great fun.
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    Or how about a mode where you have to keep the aliens from reaching a specific point? So you have to place sentries and mines at key locations? You could weld doors, create choke points and whatnot?

    Also loving the game atm ^^ Great fun.