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Voice control of teammates in single player

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  • Voice control of teammates in single player

    First off I must say, OH MY GOD, GREAT JOB!! This is AMAZING!

    Seriously brings me back to the days of crack dot com's Abuse, AND THEN SOME. I'm totally feeling the Aliens thing and tomorrow me and my buds are gonna lan together and play through the game!

    What I'm curious about though, is it possible to setup speech control for the bots in single player like you can do in vanilla ut2k4? (read more about speech control here). Cos that would own!!

    Seriously! Any plans to include this in the future or do you know of any ways to get it in there?

    Thanks and great job!!!
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    Posted in other forums too--

    I posted this question on /. and on Shacknews-- here's the links in case an answer appears there first:


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      I don't believe that voice-commands are in Alien-Swarm, but thats a great idea for it, in any case!
      If I could add a question, does AS support voice-chat? I'm guessing it should but when I trying it, it failed. Is this just me?
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        I believe this is a good idea. My only beef with AS singleplayer is its tedious micro-managing your men. If you could just say 'Guy A give ammo to Guy B', this would cut out a massive amount of hassle.


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          TafferBoy - I think they said voicechat is supposed to work just like it does in UT2K4.. unfortunately I haven't had the chance to try it yet-- can you get voice chat working in Vanilla UT2K4?

          FelixTT - I agree ... of course thats just part of the game-the challenge of being able to manage all of those guys effectively, and I wouldn't want voice control to take away that challenge but instead of watering down the game and challenge I'm hoping that it will instead enhance it!

          Can any devs comment on this? Again, great job with the TC!