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#Swarm.Pickup IRC Channel on Quakenet!

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  • #Swarm.Pickup IRC Channel on Quakenet!

    I like the mod so much n found it a struggle to get one a decent server atm so we at made an Alien Swarm Pickup channel.

    A pickup game is :
    - players on IRC register into a list by typing something like "!addme" in the channel
    - once the player list is complete, they all join a game server and play

    Live examples : if you are new to this concept, launch your favorite IRC client, which means mIRC for most of people, and see how things go in severeal channels of Quakenet ( You can try "/list *pickup*", or check this url, join #ctfpickup.euro (english spoken), or join (mainly french, english understood , the biggest channel as I speak (300+ people everynight, about 50 games a day)

    Unffortunatley we dont have an Alien Swarm server atm so all those with servers are welcome to add it to the list and get some good games going.

    We are waiting on the pickup bot to join the channel, but feel free to come into the channel and organise games w/o the bot for the time being.

    Channel: #Swarm.Pickup

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    wow great idea but every1 is gonna fight for a place because max on a server is 8 or sometimes 10


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      n1!!! I'm there

      btw, @ last reply.. there are pickup chans with more than 500 people, just add more servers


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        Come on people, we want some games running asap!

        Someone running an AS server contacting us would be hugely appreciated!
        #Swarm.Pickup on -=Official Alien Swarm Pickup Channel Powerd by
        #UTSkills on


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          Yea Great Idea this mod rocks so much a pick up channel would rock! Im idling in there for a while now and a new Server would be very apreciated!
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