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Multiplayer 6 marine limit bug

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  • Multiplayer 6 marine limit bug

    When playing online (in mission mode; I haven't tested campaign), it seems that we can't get more than 6 people into a game itself.

    On a server with an 8 person limit, 8 people can connect just fine. However, after any 6 people have picked marines, the last 2 wind up unable to select one. On the roster screen, when they double-click on a marine name or click on the "Select Marine" box, nothing happens.

    In the end, the team leader winds up having to force a ready, and the 2 extra people can only spectate. Has anyone had any success with an 8 marine game?

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    Certain maps only have six playerstarts. It's a known bug.
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      Ah. That explains it. Thanks.