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  • Behemoths Everywhere!

    I must confess I'm on a tight spot...
    (I'll try to keep the spoilers to minimum)

    I reached a spot on this level where I have to access a tunnel with no way back. A behemoth on the other side.

    I've used my best weapons and arsenal. I barely killed the behemoth, lost my medic and had all the surviving members of my squad parasited and surrounded by a hungry swarm.

    my question is...


    Thanks in advance

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    Give the bugs hell.


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      Ok its sorta difficult. I redid that mission the most out of any simply because I didn't want to lose my soldiers.

      Let me put it bluntly: 4 sentry guns.

      Here was my load out:
      Jaeger= assault shotgun, sentry, mines
      Wildcat= autogun, sentry, medpack
      Faith= medkit, sentry, dual pistols
      Crash= sentry, P-rifle, medpack

      OK. The key with this load out is you are at a severe disadvantage with ammo and raw firepower before the boss. Make sure to switch lead roles between Jaeger, Crash and Wildcat a bit so nobody runs out of ammunition totally. I retried about 3-4 times before I got to the point where I could get everyone to the end area with the entire medkit available (using all the self medpacks and healing up before the plunge with the two in that shelf area).

      The trick is to put everyone on hold up above the 3 pipes down. The behemoth doesn't actually come after you until you advance forward, you just get lots of the soldier bugs.

      My method was this: Wildcat hits the top pipe and I immediately placed the sentry. As soon as I cleared the rush of soldiers I set the sentry up and went to Jaeger. I took Jaeger down the bottom pipe and set up the sentry. I took the other two down the middle pipe and set up their sentries. Now the first sentry is already running low but you should have a handle on the soldier spawn at this point.

      Take Jaeger out front of the sentries and place some mines (I think I used two each run). Run forward to provoke the behemoth and run back to the sentries. The behemoth will take a beating from your shotgun, the mines and 4 sentries and it seems to retreat a lot. Rinse and repeat. With a p-rifle and autogun on bot fire you should have no trouble keeping the soldiers away from the sentries.

      By time I managed to kill the behemoth nearly all my ammo was gone, the sentries were dry and i was running like crazy to the exit. But it worked and I suffered no losses (except for my sanity).


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        shotgun + stimpacks + sentrys works well

        nearly killed him on hard :/


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          (except for my sanity)
          Hehe. Good work!
          Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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            Thanks!! I'll try that next time

            What about the specs? health/accuracy/speed/special?

            I feel like I screwed up since I used all the stat points in health, accuracy and specials, leaving none for agility.


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              Ok, so I'm on this map now. Man, it redefines hard doesn't it? The entire map, right up until the big mutha, is actually quite straightforward. I was thinking, "Hey! This is the first level 4 threat that's actually level 4! Bring it on!"

              Then, I got given my ass to wear as a hat.

              I'll need to try the four autoguns. Although the option of letting some of my lads die and hacking the ini file so they're alive again has merit...


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                I believe while playing the solo campaign on normal, I just sent all the marines down the tubes as quickly as possible, so they all arrived at the same time. Once down I spread them out along the tunnel entrance, I then switched between crash, who had the special rifle with the 'alien-slowing' grenades and Faith, who had 2 medpacks and lvl 5 special skills. I would use crash to draw out the behemoths and slow them with the grenades while the rest of the team shot them to bits. I used Faith to heal Crash the couple of times he was infected by the Behemoths and then got the hell out of there with stims.

                Wild-Cat - with autogun, ammo and stims
                Jaeger - Auto-shogun, sentry and mines
                Crash - Proto-Rifle, sentry and hack-tool
                Faith - Medpack, Medpack and dual-pistols

                This is my standard 4 marines and their loads, didn't really need to change this, except by replacing hack-tool with a welder when needed.
                .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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                  Thanks for the reply.

                  Originally posted by TafferBoy
                  ...I then switched between crash, who had the special rifle with the 'alien-slowing' grenades...
                  ...which brings me to my next question. I keep reading about people who say there are grenades, but I'm buggered if I can work out how/what/where they're fired. How's it all work? The second mouse button is the menu, not alternative fire - what's the key to lob a grenade?


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                    LOL you are missing out, the grenades are really really cool
                    For me, I press down my mouse wheel button, that probably means 'Mouse 3' is the default. Check in the controls menu if that dosen't work.
                    .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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                      I reset grenade to rightclick; makes it easier to use.


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                        In order to kill this all you really need is... stims... lotsa stims.
                        And a few bullets.


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                          only thing i needed is me and friends holding a corner of the room with 2 sentries , and fireproof jeager with a flamethrower bunnyhopping around the behemoth in the center of the room with stims every now and then lol (mmm roasted behemoth)


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                            stun grenades... why didn't I think of that.

                            I always overlooked thyat special rifle because it has "non-lethal methods" written all over it.

                            I came here to kill aliens, not to subdue them!
                            Then, I tried the special rifle...




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                              Originally posted by TafferBoy
                              LOL you are missing out, the grenades are really really cool

                              You're right, they're fun

                              I've almost knocked this level too - basically, I've got three sentries, set 'em up at the door, and away we go. Didn't make it the last two times because of various silly reasons, but it seems quite straightforward with sentries and stim packs.

                              Should have it sorted before too much longer