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A tiny guide to medals and such

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    yeah. i thought that as I was watching the intro.

    go on dev team, chuck it in as a console command for those curious to play it fps.
    That way you don't have to fix the maps for FP viewpoint.


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      whats this about camera modes ?


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        It appears you also get an accuracy point for IAF Battle Honors, it may be that you get one for destroyer honours as well, but I haven't checked yet. (plus I'm usually maxed from the iron hammer, iron sword and Combat honours... need to try to reach destroyer without getting them... hm.)

        Also medics now recieve a special skill for blood halo, as per the latest patch.
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          Questions about these following awards:

          Name: Silver Halo
          Reward: +1 special (medic)
          How to get: marine must heal other marines over 500 points in a single mission. (?)

          What does it mean 500 points? medic must heal over 500 health points in a single mission?

          Name: Gunfighter
          Reward: akimbo pistols
          How to get: marine must kill 20 aliens with a pistol during a single mission.

          What are the akimbo pistols and where do i get them?? I've gotten the gunfighter medal, just not the pistols


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            If you have gunfighter medal and choose the simple pistol as your will give you akimbos by default...

            Very good job on the medals bro! Nice guide!


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              Thanks for the help


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                Well, it -=IS=- possible to kill Big B with only 4 marines on Insane, on single player.

                I had to use 'marineinvun', but I did NOT use 'loaded'

                4 Marines with Flamer, Autorifle, Pistol.

                3 of the 'rines were using their pistols at the end

                Oh yea, and that 3 mins for hardcore isn't for all missions.
                Reactor: 3 mins
                Rescure: 4:50 ?
                Research: ?
                Barracks: 2:30 ?
                Salvage: 6 mins
                Uplink: Geez...

                Damn, my memory sucks. I just did all these 5 minutes ago...
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                  I have a quick question about unlocking the extra modes (which I haven't been able to do yet, BTW):

                  Are these unlocked only in Campaign mode? Only in MP? Only in SP mission mode? If yes to any or all, does unlocking one special mode (like Carnage) then allow you to use that mode in MP and SP?



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                    Special modes can only be unlocked in single mission


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                      Originally posted by Carth
                      Special modes can only be unlocked in single mission
                      I think we can do that in campaign as well...Insane campaign...O_o;;;
                      I am gone...Radars won't pick me up


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                        Wait a sec...I thought you said Crash always died O.o....I'm not dead yet


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                          One mistake that leaped out at me:
                          blood halo earns you a extra medic skill point.


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                            I know this is one hell of a necro, but does anyone know the exact healing range to get Blood Halo?

                            I remember that I used to get Silver Halos almost all the time, but it was pretty much impossible to get a Blood Halo instead.


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                              I think it was about one whole med satchel with a one star medic. Two whole satchels seemed to get you a silver halo.
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