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  • -=V12US=-
    One word.


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  • Isocryd
    How about a "defend the fortress" or something gametype, where there are lots of weapons, ammo boxes, medpacks, sentries... etc laying around, like in a fully functional base.

    Choke point, several entrances, central location in an open field...

    How about this:

    Minimum players: 2
    One team in the center of the map, one team outside.

    The team inside has to survive and look for a way out.
    The team outside has to rescue the team inside.

    The catch with this gametype is that you have to operate either two switches that are inaccessible from one another or two switches that have to be operated simultaneously.

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  • Phil
    Well speaking of person vs. person gametypes...something really cool I noticed on the main site were these little fictional news clips:

    SynTek calls for reevaluation of mechanoid assault droid laws.

    After losing control of yet another mining/refinery plant on the outlying worlds, the SynTek Megacorporation is calling for the Interstellar Alliance to reevaluate its laws on military androids. Law currently prohibits any non-ISAF party from manufacturing or deploying mechanoids capable of harming biological lifeforms and even the ISAF has only used its military droids on remote worlds with minimum civilian exposure.

    These tight laws have been in place since the Rosebloom Pleasure World Massacre of '84, in which a single malfunctioning droid destroyed the Starport and communications array, then systematically killed over a million tourists before it was disabled by a group of ISAF marines on shore leave.
    Alpha Prison Riots

    ISAF reports riots on the prison colony of Alpha 7826-X in the Luyten system. A squad of marines were dispatched this morning to resecure the colony, under orders to terminate any uncooperative in-mates. The planet's automated orbital security systems have already taken out two shuttles attempting to leave the surface of the planet without proper authorisation codes. It is assumed that all current prison guards on the colony have been killed in the riots.
    Rogue Droids vs ISAF Marines or Prisoners vs. ISAF Marines would be a pretty nice setup for a person vs. person gametype. But I think simple deathmatch would suck. An objective based "attack/defend" or "escape/contain" scenario would be much more fitting. I mean...think about it...what's the points of techies when you dont have objectives to hack and stuff.

    The main problem with PvP is that medics are essentially useless if you did respawns. And if you didnt do respawns it would be really quick and not very fun.

    I hope we can see these other threats like prisoners and droids in future campaigns/releases but still in the CO-OP gametype.

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  • Al3xand3r
    I don't think it fits the mood at all. If they want to add something with humans vs humans then I'd like to see something more indirect rather than plain ol combat, for example:
    Have the two marine teams start in different parts of the maps but have to reach the SAME objective and the team that does it first wins... (Takes the only dropship for example and leaves the rest to be slayed by swarms of aliens)
    Could have more interactive things too like switches and what not that make the life of the other team harder somehow (open some door on the other team's side with aliens in it for example - though for this the first team that hits the switch should somehow need to sacrifice time in order to do this, like the switch is a bit in a different way than the objective or even they need to leave one of their guys behind to do it and lose on firepower until he pushes the switch and catches up with them, etc)
    Just a thought, hope it was coherent enough

    Edit: This idea isn't intended to have ANY marine vs marine shootouts, just a race to the finish line without even meeting each other until then
    Last edited by Al3xand3r; 29 May 2004, 10:58 PM.

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  • Omega
    Marines killing their own team? No need to re-invent the wheel that is Deathmatch.

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  • Surge72
    started a poll Suggestion: New Online Gametype

    Suggestion: New Online Gametype

    Perfect Idea!
    Something along these lines would be good
    Not needed
    Absolutely not!
    What would improve this already amazing Mod for me is if there was a new gametype for online play:

    'Human team' vs 'Human team'

    Because there are 8 characters (I think) you could have small battles of 4 vs 4.

    Everyone chooses a character, then chooses a team (eg, Red or Blue), or because of the diversity of the characters, perhaps already have each character assigned to a team. Then whichever character you choose determines your team.

    Then the battle begins.
    You could use the existing mission maps for this gametype, or create whole new Deathmatch maps, where each team starts off at opposite sides or random locations of the map. The objective of each team is to kill the other. Simple.

    However this would seem rather quick to me, so how about giving each team a set number of respawns, so when one character dies, they will respawn at a secure location, perhaps a designated base for that team, where the enemy can't enter, and one life or repawn will be deducted from the teams stock. When a team runs out of respawns, characters can't repawn if killed.

    When one team loses all repawn points and all remaining characters die, they lose, and you have a winner (the other team).

    Edit: I can see that this isn't like too much. Forget it then. I just wanted some PvP somewhere. It usually adds replayability
    Last edited by Surge72; 30 May 2004, 09:33 AM.