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  • Two big, easy, suggestions

    Great game! Even better, its hard, and one-sided, so the community is friendly.

    I've got one big ask tho; all marines have their torch on their suit, and its skinned on them. I say, let every marine get a torch, with the kewl effect that show off the lighting so well, but let people pick a 'better' torch that give you the targetting bonus. I think its a waste that everyone doesn't get the torch thats on their armour, and we miss out on the excellent effect.

    Further, I'd like some more flexibility on the 'extra' slot. 8 mines != welder in size, a little more ability to juggle the loadout would make for much flexibility. If someone could take for instance a single use welder, a pistol with no reloads, and a mine, this is hardly either unbalancing or super useful, just flexible. Any thoughts?

    And yeah, I love the torch effect.

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    I like the lighting effect too, but the torch effect means that there's risks (like not being able to see the bugs) without one. I think it's a choice as to whether seeing the bugs is more important than mines.

    At the moment, I kit most of my guys with the torch, even the autogunners - the game's so dark (even with Gamma up) that I can't see jack without it. It'd be nice to have a compromise, I agree with you - but I don't know if it would make the game easy in the wrong way.



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      I say leave it. However...I do think a more flexible extra slot on the inventory would be cool. For balance sake some of the extras would have to be tweaked and maybe some new ones added, but it could help with your flashlight concern :p


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        I suggest it because all the marines plainly have a torch,but you don't get one unless you waste your slot on a torch. I actually prefer the pistol to the regular rifle, but I can't have a torch too. Silly. I guess I'm just asking for a more in-depth loadout selection.

        Also, I don't have the 'too dark' issue with my monitor, so for me, the torch contributes pretty much nothing but the effect and the auto-aim. And because the effect is so cool, I'd like to see it separated from the auto-aimage so it can always be there.
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          on the space idea - how about a backpack that would fit into one of the primary slots?
          can hold maybe 2 large or 4 small items (or 1 large 2 small - whatever floats your boat)
          yea sure, you could put more guns in there - but its gona take a while to take stuff outa the backpack, maybe even reqire the marine to drop it to remove/put stuff in to it.

          as for the lighting thing - I dont think it needs changing, its fine on my screen, yea the dark places are dark, but the torch seems to be 'just' bright enough to see by, adds to the effect.


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            I'm not sure what sort of system would work best without compromising the accessability of the game. I'm just not content with the present 2 primary 1 extra system.

            But, my point with the torch is that 1) everyone visibly has one 2) you're forced to take one as a pick, and 3) on my puter is does nothing but put a decal down. So, just give it to everyone, make the extra-aimage be something you need to pick, like a laser sight or something. Everyone in Aliens had a torch, didn't take up THEIR extra slot. Tracker doesn't take a slot either. I'm just a stickler for consistency, or something.