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Should "Easy" Actually Be Easy?

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  • Should "Easy" Actually Be Easy?

    So I'm loving this mod a lot, but damn is it frustrating.

    It's not just that it's hard, but that there's no check points. Since missions are about 20 minutes long, you can cruise through 18 of those minutes, get to the really hard bit at the end, and then just die.

    We all know we can beat the first 18 minutes. So what's up with making you replay it? It's just annoying for the sake of it, and makes a fun game dull at the end of the day.

    So you've seen the Difficulty option in the menu, right? And you've tried setting it on Easy. Not very easy at all is it?

    My suggestion would be to make the Easy option just that. I've seen a lot of posts commenting on how this game is very hard. Perhaps Easy is not the way - maybe Check Points are? Thoughts?
    YES: It's too damn hard! Make it easier!
    NO: The game rocks as it is, leave it alone.
    MAYBE: I'd like to see an alternative system, like check points

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    I say that we, and by we I include myself, spoke and are speaking too soon. It doesn't seem easy because a game of this manner (the top-down view) is previously unheard of, except in a few cases that are done much differently, like CrimsonLand.

    Easy is easy enough, comparatively.


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      The difficulty is important!

      There aren't that many maps and having a real fight on your hands is a good way to keep the game enjoyable and people playing. If everyone had completed the campaign on easy by now then most people would be bored of the game already, but the fact it is so tough for a new player makes it a BETTER game.

      Right now people are being forced to work together and get some strategy even on easy, which is great and stops just anyone running around rambo with a AC/flamer.


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        I've no issue with promoting strategy in groups, but what about solo?

        In my game I've just completed (for the second time, but been stopped by a bug in the game) a mission that's taken me ages to get to. It seems that the dropship pad is quite sensitive, and even if you're on it, you're not really on it.

        So, having a fscking save point before that would stop me having the pain of replaying it because of the bug. I know it's a bug because I managed to complete it (with three KIA's) after hopping on and off the damn pad 40 times.

        Making it a little more forgiving - or completely removing bugs - would make it vastly more enjoyable. As it is, I'm getting no sense of achievement or advancement, and am likely to just stop playing it. Contrary to your thoughts on promoting a like and desire for the game, constant defeat actually turns humans (you know, well adjusted types) off something. People tend not to keep playing sports they constantly get beaten at, and games are the same thing.

        So no, I don't agree with you. There's hard, and then there's just dumb. This game is starting to fall into that category - I'm on only the third damn mission. Now I admit, I'd have won by now except for the bug, but makig it easier to get to, or having a save point, would obviate the problem entirely.


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          If this is easy, I don't dare try normal

          Is there any difference right now switching the difficulty level, good lord easy isn't easy at all. Third mission, I choose the warehouse level. I can get to the part where you call down the dropship and I have three sentry's up and running and they just keep comming and comming..

          I love a challenge but damn. I don't want a save game as much as just a slight adjustment to the number of bugs that spawn in a given area more or less.

          Great game besides though, I'm totally hooked.

          btw, I'm talking single play action here, not multi.


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            Originally posted by Dangerdog
            btw, I'm talking single play action here, not multi.
            The game seems easier with humans instead of AI - probably because each marine can be micromanaged. I doubt the AI itself is flawed, but it's obvious they don't react to their surroundings in the same way I (or other human allies) do.

            Perhaps the game is designed for co-op more than single play - it is, after all, based on UT, which is a multi-player game.


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              Our testing team plays through (almost) each map in 5 or 10 minutes. :cheeky:

              After some time you'll get used to playing the maps.